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Feng Shui Master Adrian Lo (风水大师)

Adrian Lo, 48 years old, is a well-known reputable feng shui master based in Singapore with many experiences since 2004. An international geomancer, he is known for his mastery in combining both traditional and modern approach in geomancy. He promotes innovative yet inexpensive ideas to channel and attract auspicious and positive qi into your home and office to improve your personal and professional relationships. Typically, he would schedule home or office viewing to be able to study everything. His Consultation is strictly based on advance appointment booking as most of the time his schedules are full. 

   Feng Shui Master

Gone are the days where you are required to spend so much money on pricey decors, gemstones, lucky charms and other products. With our unbelievably affordable consultation rate, you will receive the best personalized geomancer service in Singapore with our innovative yet practical approach. Want to know what your sign and lucky stars have in store for you for the Feng shui 2018 Year of the Dog? Book an appointment and seek our feng shui consultancy services.

  Geomancer Singapore

With the help of feng shui analysis, positive and negative energies in the home or office environment are properly assessed to help improve and boost luck in wealth, career, business, work, destiny, family life, love and luck. Feng shui consulting service can harness all existing positive energies and help you avoid negative energies altogether. Our powerful Feng shui masters have a broad knowledge on how the elements of the world interact with each other and how you can take advantage of certain properties to improve your fortune and relationship with persons and friends in your life.


Benefits of Feng Shui(风水) and Bazi (八字) Analysis

  Benefits of Feng Shui  

Originally rooting from ancient China since way back more than 3,500 years, feng shui represents two elements, wind (feng) and water (shui). Everyone have their shares of ups and downs in life. However, with feng shui, this can be minimized. 

      Increase your chances of financial stability at home, business or work by tapping the right wealth sector of your life and career. 

      Better chances of getting a career boost by determining your lucky element through Bazi birth profile analysis. 

      Improve your family’s health by identifying foods that complement your 5-element profiles. 

      Getting proper advises on which business is suitable for you and the best location and process for business start-up. 

      Getting proper advises on both bad and good sectors of your life, thus avoiding pitfalls altogether. 


Feng Shui Consultation by Master Adrian Lo:

Home Feng Shui Consultation(风水家居)

Whether you are planning to purchase a new property, remodel your home, redecorate your house or build an extension, know that this is the best opportunity for you to take advantage of Feng Shui consulting services. This is because with the help of a good feng shui master, you will receive proper advice on how to achieve a harmonious home environment.

 Geomancer Singapore

With a home feng shui consultation, every aspect is carefully scrutinized, like shapes, position, colors, arrangement and other related home elements. Every factor is important and has the power to influence a positive or negative energy. Thus, a feng shui master will help you tap all existing positive energies in your surroundings. On the other hand, he can also provide sound feng shui home design advice on how to steer clear from the negative ones.

Feng Shui Singapore 2016 

With regards to home remodeling, it’s equally just as important to go through feng shui consultation before doing any changes. This is to avoid disrupting and changing the balance of certain elements around you. Failure to do so may affect the 9 areas of conflict in your life.


Business Feng Shui Consultation(风水办公室)

This is ideal if you are planning to start your own business or wish to improve the one you already have. Know that every business premise has unique vibes of its own. 

 Business Feng Shui Consultation

Effects of Bad Feng Shui in Business: negative work atmosphere, low revenue and profits, uncooperative staff, poor sales, constant trouble in the workplace, high percentage of staff turnover, poor focus and productivity of staff, bad business performance.

Effects of Good Feng Shui in Business: harmony in the workplace, contented and happier staff, increased sales, increased profits, increased worker productivity, increase of customers, business success, customer loyalty. It is very important to improve your office feng shui if you want to gain more businesses.


Feng Shui Property and

Site Selection Consultation (风水住宅)

The outer part of a house or building is known to possess the most impact with regards to feng shui, the part where a person has minimum control over. As such, it is important to search for the best site with great external feng shui for your property. This will give you better chances of attracting, locating and finding positive feng shui.

Feng Shui Property and Site Selection Consultation

A word of caution, if you’re looking for a place that possesses perfect feng shui, such thing doesn’t exist. You can, however, boost positive energy in your chosen place by applying appropriate feng shui practices. Still, if you are in the process of site selection for your property, take advantage of whatever means necessary to find the place with good feng shui. Why is this important? By paying to important property features and the external factors, especially the ones that are hard to change, you will be limiting the amount of work necessary to boost the positive energy of the place.


Bazi Consultation(八字算命) 

Bazi is a higher level of Chinese astrology. It is also known as the 4 Pillars of Destiny, representing the birth month, day, year and time. Unlike the common astrology reading most people are familiar with, which solely relies on birth year information, Bazi involves reading and assessment of all aspects of your birth date.

  Bazi and Feng Shui Consultation

There are times when you find yourself facing crossroads in your life and decisions that are hard to make. Bazi consultation will guide you so you will gain a better understanding of your life, weaknesses, your life journey itself, the lives of people surrounding you and how everything directly links to each other. In the process, you will be properly guided and advised as to what decisions and actions will be most appropriate for a given situation. Every decision you make indirectly influences the outcome of certain events, thus, shaping your destiny. As such, you need to make sure that as much as possible; you will be making the right one.


 Bazi Consultancy for wedding Master Adrian Lo also provides feng shui and Bazi consultancy for wedding clients. By studying your Bazi or 4 pillars of destiny and learning about different aspects of your life, he can recommend you as to what will work best for you and your partner. His prediction can serve as a guide to improve your marriage. Give us a call today on the numbers provided.

Know the most advisable things to incorporate and change in your life. You can also request for yearly home visits to better improve your feng shui. Comments are also welcome. Visit our website every now and then to stay posted regarding our feng shui activities. Feel free to email or book an appointment anytime. Working with recommended Feng Shui Master Singapore Adrian Lo is like working with a very good friend...it is always full of comfort!

For your personalized Feng Shui Consultation Services, contact us to make an appointment with Feng Shui Master Adrian Lo now!

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