Feng Shui Columbarium in Singapore

Owing to shortage of space for cremation in Singapore, A Feng Shui Columbarium is the optimum choice where the departed souls are laid to rest peacefully along with their ancestors forever.

Thus it is important for us to ensure that our beloved ones are given the best Feng Shui 风水 placement in the Nirvana columbarium not only to let them rest in peace but also to benefit the current and future generations to the best effects.

Feng Shui Columbarium - Nirvana

Feng Shui, according to Chinese mythology, means geographical conditions of homes, cemeteries and others such as directions of water, mountains etc. Believers of Yin Feng Shui say that it also affects the prosperity of one's own family and other members too. Nirvana Columbarium is the last best gift that one can give to his/her parents as a mark of respect, love and care.

Nirvana Memorial Garden is the first of its kind Columbarium located at Old Choa Chu Kang Road, Singapore, combines with the Chinese culture together with the teachings of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and architecture. Nirvana Memorial Garden truly is a symbol of love, respect and remembrance for the ancestors by their descendants.

Nirvana Memorial Garden - Singapore

The customized and attentive services of Nirvana Memorial Garden make it an ideal place for families and friends to hold private functions and ceremonies for their bereaved loved ones. It has various facilities besides a very comfortable environment such as a praying hall, different suites such as memorial and family suites and cafeteria which provides good food to the visitors.

Nirvana Memorial Garden's high quality construction standards has surely given a new image and meaning to the columbarium by providing a peaceful resting place to the departed souls and complete peace of mind to the family members at the same time who have come to pay their respect to their departed loved ones. It has high ceilings and spacious grounds, can accommodate up to 200 guests at a time. Such is the majestic setting that it can hold and organize a grand memorial service

Nirvana Main Hall

A team of trained professionals and friendly staff offers many services such as funeral service packages, enlightenment ceremony etc. The facilities which comes in these packages include White ladies, a team of trained female professionals who provide their services to the deceased female body, a luxurious hearse for a grand departure, prayer materials, drinking water, handcrafted paper model and luxurious A.C buses for the family members to name a few.

At Nirvana Memorial Garden, family members can design and decorate a niche with the favorite items of the departed loved ones such as their accessories etc which can bring their fond memories and that too at a very affordable price. A niche can also be designed and decorated on the basis of Feng Shui.

It is always advisable to do Preplanning in buying and creating a niche in Nirvana Memorial Garden as it has emotional as well as personal benefits too. You get more time to reconsider the option and take decisions wisely. You personally will have a very good feeling that you have relieved an emotional burden off your family in a way that your family members have less to worry about in event of your death. Moreover, you can leave ever lasting memories by doing everything from choosing your final resting place to customizing your own niche as per your own wish.

By doing pre planning, one can also save a lot of expenses because of rising costs of funeral expenses every year.

Nirvana Columbarium is the last best gift that one can give to his/her parents as a mark of respect, love and care. Contact Nirvana Agent via http://www.nirvanacolumbarium.com this link to get a free consultation and site visit.

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