Flying Stars Feng Shui Methods (玄空飞星)

Are you familiar with Flying Star feng shui methods (Xuan Kong Geomancy Theory)? This method is probably recognized as one of the major and greatest practices in the world of feng shui.

Recognized as complicated yet sophisticated process of analysis, the Flying Star method is practiced by majority of feng shui masters including the late feng shui Grand Master Hong Choon and practitioners alike.  


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So, what does Flying Stars method do? Since it entirely deals with feng shui’s unseen levels, it helps harmonize all elements of nature. With the Flying Star method, a natal or birth chart is calculated based on an area or building’s direction and where it respectively “sits”. According to experts, where the building sits is crucial because it will determine the type of energies that it will attract from 8 primary directions. Though these are mainly unseen energies, they can easily be calculated using the Flying Stars Chart, also known as building horoscope.

Questions that Can be Answered with Flying Star Methods

The capacity of Flying Star feng shui methods to determine unforeseen circumstances is remarkable. It can identify incidents on a weekly, monthly, yearly or general basis. With the tremendous knowledge that can be accessed, this is one of the major reasons why individuals or companies take advantage of this particular method when seeking feng shui consultation. Various energy influences may also be distinguished in the process. This being said, it can give massive amount of information to any feng shui expert.


Listed below are important questions that you will get answers to using the Flying Star methods. 

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· Is there a good possibility of attracting prosperity and fortune with the house or building?

· What are the methods that will help boost the existence of these good energies? What cures, decors and elements will help enhance them?

· Are there objects that would block or disable the good fortune energies?

· Where are the possible areas of the house or building that draw negative energies?

· For how long can the good fortune continue?

· What are the negative energies that exist in the area?

· How can these affect the people that will stay or live in the house or building?

· Will these negative energies influence all people in the building or only particular individuals? When will be the strongest influence of these negative energies?

· What are the possible remedies of existing negative influences in the building? What are the possible ways to avoid them? Are there steps that can be done to neutralize them?

· What are the significant feng shui in the house or building that provided luck to the previous occupants?

· What are the significant feng shui that brought bad luck to its previous occupants?

· Can these luck or bad luck transfer to you?

Among all feng shui methods, the Flying Star is the only process that provides interpretation with time dimensions included. Simply put, the Flying Stars feng shui methods can track the history of the energies and influences of a house or building, including its previous occupants. You can use this to your advantage to boost your luck, and also avoid or minimize the incidence of bad luck in the process. 

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