Feng Shui Grand Master - Venerable Hong Choon (Hong Chuan)

15th Jan 2018 
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In his lifetime, Venerable Hong Choon, the abbot of Singapore's marvelously beautiful Phor Kark See Temple, which stands on 22 acres of land an BRIGHT HILL, was revered for his incredible feng shui skills, a grand master amongst masters. 

Feng Shui Grand Master - Venerable Hong Choon (Hong Chuan)

Hong Choon studied Feng Shui under Master Yen Ben in 1950s. He was imparted the secret Xuan Kong Geomancy Theory became very competent in the art. This San Yuan Feng Shui comes under the famous Wu Chang Sect Geomancy which originates in Wuxi, Jiangsu China.

In his stay in Singapore (as Abbot Phor Kark See Monastery), Master Hong Choon played a mentor and consultant role to many rich and influential individuals advising them in the aspect of Feng Shui well-being which includes his well known work at Grand Hyatt Hotel Orchard Road.

Today, this lengendery and always humble grand master continues to be the inspiration for many aspiring feng shui practitioners. Read more on the late feng shui grand master Hong Chuan...

Grand Master Hong Chuan 
Feng Shui Grand Master Hong Chuan 


Source: http://fengshuimaster-singapore.com

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