Feng Shui Master Consultation Fee

Auspicious Date selection Services include:

Please call us for the latest fee. Thanks

(1) Auspicious Wedding Date (嫁娶 ROM/Customary) -

(2) Auspicious Renovation/Move in Date (择吉纳日) -

(3) Auspicious Caesarean Date (人造八字) -

(4) Other Date Selection - (Please call for a quote as the fee depends on the types of events)

(5) Bazi Analysis Package (批算八字)

Bazi Analysis will provide you with an understanding of your own destiny; it helps you gain better perspective and understanding about different aspects in life. It can help to guide you in making sound decisions as to what is appropriate in order to create life opportunities, maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses and bad luck.

With the right Bazi guidance and comments, you will know which elements has the energy to bring you the most opportunities and what actions to take for a smoother and more rewarding journey in life. 

At the end of the Bazi analysis, Master Adrian Lo will assess your options and provide you with an advice. 

(6) Feng Shui Columbarium Niche Selection

Thus it is important for us to ensure that our beloved ones are given the best Feng Shui 风水 placement in the Nirvana columbarium not only to let them rest in peace but also to benefit the current and future generations to the best effects.

(7) Feng Shui Service Packages:

1. HDB 3-Room -
2. HDB 4-Room -
3. HDB 5-Room -

4. Condo

Landed Property - Our consultation fee varies according to the type of property. Please contact us for quotation.

5. Office and Industrial site

*Subject to no. of rooms, area size (sqft) and no. of stories (if any); **Subject to area size (sqft);

The above Feng Shui Service package includes:

1) Full Feng Shui Audit of your home/office. The full analysis will be explained to you on the same day on how we can use Feng Shui to change your luck and minimize any "Sha Qi";

2)  A simple Feng Shui Report of our findings, cures and remedies will be emailed to you for your future reference.; See Report Sample 

3) Recommendations for remedying or minimizing any potential Health and Wealth problem diagnosed;

4) FREE Selection of auspicious dates for renovation (动土吉日), moving-in (入火吉日)   and Feng Shui implementations (风水布局)  (if required);

5) Advice on furniture/office layout (if required);

6) How to enhance Period 8 Water Position? (八运水位);

7) How to enhance the Wealth Area? (财位);

8) Wen Chang Position (文昌位);  (plays an important role in affecting one's career or academic studies)

9) Diagnose any potential threat or area that will cause Health and Wealth problem;

10) Advice on the importance of the stove position and location in an auspicious direction  (The Kitchen is an extremely important home position in the perspective of Geomancy)

11) Feng Shui Annual Star 2014/2015 (流 年飞星讲解)

12) Feng Shui Colour Guide/Tips (家居颜)

13) Feng Shui Bagua - Missing areas (缺角)

All consultation and explanation are conducted by our Principal Feng Shui Master Adrian Lo at your convenient location and time. Preferably to book appointment at least one or two weeks ahead. 

 We would require the following information from you prior to your appointment:

(1) Name and Birth data of all family members staying together in the same apartment;

  • Full name in Chinese and English; 
  • Birth Date: (as per birth certificate); 
  • Time of birth: (as per birth certificate); 
  • Gender; 
  • Nationality; 
  • Country of birth; 

(2) Floor Plan of your property; 

(3) Full address with postal code;

(4) Date of moving into the house (existing house owner)

Feng Shui and Bazi Enquiry
Free Consultation and Quotation. Please fill up the forms below and will we contact you within 24 hours. No obligation. Thank you.


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