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 Feng Shui Master Adrian Lo (风水大师) 

Adrian Lo- a renowned, 48-year-old Feng Shui master currently based in Singapore has a diverse experience in geomancy since 2004. An international geomancer, he is notably-revered for his prowess in adopting both contemporary and traditional approaches in the field of  geomancy.

Using unconventional yet inexpensive methods, he channels and introduces propitious "Qi" into spaces- thereby nurturing relationships and ties forged within specific spatial commodities. He schedules personalised space-viewing inspections that are tailored to each of his clients' needs in a bid to study everything in detail. Arrangements for Feng Shui Consultations with him are strictly by means of advance-appointment bookings as his schedule is packed most of the time.

Feng Shui Geomancy Service

Gone are the days where you are required to spend so much money on pricey decors, gemstones, lucky charms and other products. With our unbelievably affordable consultation rate, you will receive the best personalized geomancer service in Singapore with our innovative yet practical approach.

The time might be right for you now to adopt a more customised, exceptional geomancy consultation experience. Take a step forward, discover and be enlightened on all you need to about your zodiac sign and your lucky stars in 2019!

Our Feng Shui services effectively analyse and thoroughly scrutinise both the positive and negative energies lingering in your spatial commodity. Equipped with our master's extensive knowledge on the elements, get your boost in luck with regard to destiny, career, wealth, family life, and love.

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Benefits of Feng Shui(风水) and Bazi (八字) Analysis

Widely-used in deeply-entrenched traditions dating back to ancient China for more than 3,500 years, Feng Shui embodies two elements, wind (feng) and water (shui). While hardships are undoubtedly unavoidable, they are all but a part of life that can be minimised with the appropriate application of Feng Shui.

  • Upsurge your financial stability in your career or business, by tapping on the right wealth in these aspects.
  • Get a career boost by gaining a holistic and thorough understanding of your lucky element through a Bazi-birth profiling analysis.
  • Ensure the continued health of your loved ones by discovering foods that complement their 5-element profiles.
  • Get proper and expert-based advice on recommended locations to engage in business start-ups. 

Feng Shui Consultation by Master Adrian Lo

Our Feng Shui services exude a certain magical essence, effectively analysing thoroughly- both the positive and negative energies lingering in your spatial commodity. With our master’s extensive knowledge on the elements, grab this opportunity to boost your luck in destiny, career, wealth, career, family life, and love.

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Tony Soon


Two years ago was what I considered the lowest point of my life. I have been jobless for a long time. Despite my efforts, it was hard for me to land a job.

IT Manager,


James Smith

“As an American, I am fascinated by Adrian accuracy with his work especially he was able to share with me my past through the Bazi analysis. Not only that he went on to explain my current and future situation and gave me advice on how to navigate my future. Impressive!”

 General Manager,

Beach Road

Kieth Tan

I was referred by my relative to engaged Master Adrian Lo for my office consultation. My business had hit a bit of a bad patch in 2016. If things did not pick up soon, I might have to close my company.

Logistic Company

Bukit Timah

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