About Adrain Lo.

"To Uncover The Best That Life Has To Offer With Master Adrain Lo"

Adrian Lo is amongst one of the most highly-recommended Feng Shui masters in Singapore. He has had years of experience in Feng Shui in residential homes and businesses with an active and respected presence. Master Adrian Lo is well-known for being extremely approachable. His hospitable disposal puts his clients at ease, making them feel more than comfortable to share their worries and concerns with him. This helps him immensely in making each consultation session with every client an extremely effective and thorough one, making sure all their needs have been met.

Adrian Lo has extended his expertise towards a notable number of businesses, organisations and individuals over the years. Various residential and commercial projects, as well as clients running small businesses to managerial bodies of large corporations have largely-benefited from his expert application of authentic Feng Shui. His works encompass thousands of square-feet ranging from large entertainment complexes to hospitals, shopping malls, banks and hotels to that of multinational organisations. Needless to say, retail outlets, private homes, prominent figures, entrepreneurs, and even top professionals have been a part of his clientele. His professionalism is exemplary and has played a pivotal role in his journey to carving out a name for himself in the field of geomancy today- amongst the other key players in this industry. His customers have always provided us with positive feedback and have been satisfied with the Feng Shui consultations he offers.

Adrian Lo had always been passionate about Chinese Metaphysics, and the ancient Chinese art of balancing energies really appealed to him. It was an area that captivated him most. Henceforth, he decided to delve deeper into it. Determination and curiosity got the best of him- he went on to study the application of methods of Feng Shui under a number of renowned Feng Shui masters in Singapore and on a regional scale. Even after the completion of his training, he continues to find out more about Feng Shui and constantly strives to update his skills so as to show his true prowess as a Feng Shui Master. His Feng Shui consultations have been immensely impactful for all his clients who have sought them since he has exuded a remarkable record of guaranteed excellence and accuracy in all that he does.

Since the commencement of his professional career, Adrian Lo has grown considerably and has been credited on several occasions on his accomplishments. He has gone beyond the conventions of a geomancer with the belief and intention that the arts and sciences of Feng Shui is not something that should be kept to oneself; but rather something that should be shared with the rest of the world. As he continues in his stride to spread positive energy to his clients and shows them the new possibilities of leading life, he feels accomplished.

He is passionate about serving and empowering people to embrace energy and "Qi" in their ways of life. Not only so, Adrian plays a fundamental role in contributing actively in interviews and editorials whenever invited by any print, electronic, or social media platform or private organisations.

As a Feng Shui professional and a widely-recommended Feng Shui Master, Adrian Lo has extended his services to an array of types of clients over the years and has spoken countless times on the subject of Chinese Astrology and the art and science of authentic Feng Shui at various platforms.

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