Auspicious Date for Moving House in 2019

Many people find it hard to decide as to when the appropriate time is to move to a new house. Aside from the fact that this is a huge commitment, for sure you also want every possible assurance that luck will be on your side when you do this. There are a few rituals to apply and, of course, an appropriate auspicious date for moving house in 2019 that you need to follow.

Guide to the Moving House Process

The auspicious date for moving house would be during your animal day. Make sure to incorporate lots of colors in the transfer and avoid black. Time has a pattern; you have to do your best to complement with it. Another important point to consider is to move in during the lunar month.

First Day of Building or Renovation Work

This is a very important date. Considered as a beginning of a brand new life, the first day of building or renovation work must also be carefully chosen in the Chinese almanac. Even though you are the carpentry and stuff, it is still considered as your first actual interaction with your new house. Renovation icon for this day must be highlighted.

Last Day of Finishing Building Works

This is the day when you have finally finished the process of house building. After this, you must make sure that no other works must be done. This is to avoid disturbing the energies in your new home.

House Cleaning

This is the first day that you go inside your new house bringing along cleaning supplies. Of course, it should also fall under an auspicious date. You must not miss any spot when cleaning, including cupboards and closets. Make sure that you will be moving in to a clean space. Bear in mind, one of the foundations of good feng shui is an uncluttered space with clean energy.


This is one of the many rituals that must be done before you can move in to your new house. The rice and sea salt ritual is the spiritual aspect of the process, beneficial for cleansing your space. These two elements are known to absorb existing negative energies in your house.

House Shaking

This ritual involves clearing and putting life to all corners of your house for good vibes. Just like every moving processes involved, you should also choose an auspicious day to do this. To perform house shaking, you need to obtain singing bowls and bells, both of which will be used to make good vibrations and bring in happiness.


Auspicious date for moving house should serve as your guide in choosing the lucky date when relocating to your new home. Though this has been followed for thousands of years with the wisdom of ancient folks, you should still be wise and rational in using it without becoming overly superstitious. Let our Feng Shui Master offers you some advises now.

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