Auspicious Wedding Dates Selection

Every date brings a different kind of energy for every occasion. As such, know that it is vital to determine if a particular date suits a specific event perfectly. If you are looking for auspicious date for wedding, this is better done with the help of a Feng Shui master who can guide you to the perfect date and even hour that will enhance good energy in your marriage life, increasing the chances of harmony and peace. The choice of an Chinese auspicious date for a special event is based on several factors, like you and your spouse’s birth date.

Are you planning to get married anytime soon? You might want to check auspicious wedding dates to guide you through the date selection. Even during the ancient times, dates always play a vital role in every event. Choosing a good date is believed to influence good luck in a particular occasion and the days that follow. This same belief is applicable to weddings.

By referring to auspicious wedding dates, you get proper guidance on the appropriate wedding date selection. Experts believe that these dates represent prosperity, harmony and happiness, all of which can help minimize the strains your relationship will face in the future.

For every couple who are intent on getting married, it helps a lot to boost your luck by choosing the luckiest date available. Listed below are lucky wedding dates according to the Chinese almanac (also known as Tong Shu) and the Chinese Astrology ((通书).

Auspicious Times for Weddings

It might be very beneficial to seek the services of a feng shui master to guide you through the date selection. Considering that aside from auspicious wedding dates selection, there are also several other factors that need to be considered to boost your luck as a soon-to-be-married-couple. Listed below is a guide on auspicious times for wedding that you can refer to along with the auspicious dates.

The best season for weddings is usually during autumn and spring; the months May and October considered being the busiest. There are certain dates which are believed to be inauspicious. An example is the entire month of January, which falls prior to Chinese New Year, the time of the year when all preparations are done to get rid of all evil and bad spirits connected to the preceding year. For the lunar month, days 5, 14 and 23 are thought as inauspicious days due to their connection to unlucky or bad luck numbers.


Date of the months with the number 8 is believed to be extraordinarily auspicious because it resembles a knot, something which signifies a successful and flourishing union.


A fortune teller and feng shui masters play an important role in determining an auspicious wedding date because of his or her broad knowledge and experience with shengcheng bazi (生成八字). Many couples prefer to seek the advice of these experts for to get their birth time, day, month and year analyzed, which in turn influences the auspicious marriage date. Also with the help of shengcheng bazi, the couple will be able to determine whether they are compatible or not. There are actually many cases of broken engagements simply because of the incompatible shengcheng bazi of both partners.


Auspicious wedding dates have served as a wise guide of folks since the ancient times. However, this does auspicious wedding dates to decide on the wedding date is just the beginning; the rest is up to the both of you to make your marriage last for a lifetime. Contact our best Geomancer in Singapore now!

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