Baby Naming with Bazi Analysis

Bazi Analysis can be applied on so many things, and that includes baby naming. For expecting mothers, especially new parents, deciding on a baby name is very exciting, though somewhat frustrating at times. With so many names to choose from, you can’t help but wonder how to pick the best one among all. One thing is clear, you want to be sure that the name you pick for your baby can also bring him or her good luck.

How to Choose a Baby Name

Bazi Analysis plays an important role in finding a name for your baby. So, where do you start? How can you choose one name from the other? What guarantee do you have that you will be picking the perfect name for your little angel? Use the tips below as your guide to apply Bazi in baby naming.  


When you talk about Bazi Analysis, it pertains to knowing how to make wise choices and understanding more about yourself. In choosing a name, these characteristics must be present, and it is important to have a positive meaning. Make a list of names that you like, and look up their meanings and what they imply. Simply put, choose a name that brings forth a sense of well-being when you say it out loud.  

Elements of Parents

This part is commonly forgotten by many people when choosing a name for their baby. Bazi Analysis recommends that any baby name chosen must complement with the elements of both parents. This way, the child’s elements can be in harmony with the elements of both the mother and the father.  

Story Behind the Name

What makes a name auspicious is the type of energy that it carries. So, as your children grow, make it a point to share to them the story behind their names and the good memories associated with them. By doing so, they will feel a sense of well-being and belonging from knowing. As a result, their names will be filled with good and strong energy which they will also carry within.

Bazi Analysis Requirement for Baby Naming

The following information is required when you seek for Bazi consultation services for auspicious baby names:

  • Birth details (i.e., day, month, year and time)
  • Birth details of both parents
  • Full name of both parents
  • Chinese animal sign horoscope of both parents
  • Chinese character (optional, only if applicable)

Bazi Analysis is actually very simple. This requires knowing what needs to be done to enhance your way of life and making good choices. Sight and sound are two of the most vital elements of a person’s environment.

You can refer to this when choosing a baby name.

  • Simply put, pick a name that sounds very pleasant to the ears when you say it out loud and at the same time, looks beautiful when written down.
  • Ask your family and friends for their name suggestions and say each name out loud yourself.
  • Check for their response to different names, as well.
  • Ask others to say the name out loud, too. This way, you can also weigh your own reaction to the sound. This is one of the best practices of Bazi Analysis when applied for baby naming. Find out more on our Feng Shui service now!
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