Bazi Analysis

Bazi Analysis, already popular more than 3,000 years ago in China, combines both birth date numbers and Bazi information of a person in order to understand and analyze life. Bazi, also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny, is a very ancient science of Chinese reading that analyzes the destiny of a person. According to Bazi experts, your destiny and fate is already mapped out since birth.

If you want to understand the different mysteries surrounding your life, Bazi analysis can provide you with enlightenment regarding your past, present and future world. As such, the consultation will help you make wise decisions in life. Bazi is so powerful that it can give you a thorough insight about your strong and weak qualities, your character and specific skills that you have yet to discover.

5 Primary Parts of Chinese Auspicious Culture

Bazi Analysis helps you gain better perspective and understanding about different aspects in life, like family, relationships, business, wealth and career to name a few. This can help guide you in making sound decisions as to what is appropriate in order to create life opportunities, maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses and bad news. With the right Bazi guidance and comments, you will know which elements has the energy to bring you the most opportunities and what actions to take for a smoother and more rewarding journey in life.

  1. Fu (fortune)
  2. Lu (affluence)
  3. Shou (longevity)
  4. Xi (happiness)
  5. Cai (wealth)  

Benefits of Bazi Analysis

A lot of people rely greatly on Bazi prediction for guidance. You may ask, what can you gain from it? Listed below are things that it can give you insight on.

Personality. Better understanding about yourself and why you do the things you do. You can direct your life better by making you aware of your different strong and weak qualities. 

Health. You will be appropriately cautioned regarding possible factors that might put your health at risk and what you can do about it.

Business and career. You will get a thorough analysis of different cycles considered to be lucky for you. This way, it is easier to prepare a strategy and time it appropriately, to effectively manage your fortune, business, work and career for optimum results.

Relationship. You will gain better understanding about the relationships you have with people around you, like your spouse, loved ones, friends, family and children among many others. You may also learn the date when you may likely get auspiciously married.

Luck Cycles. A Bazi reading will analyze your respective changing luck cycles. This will guide you on how to effectively manage your health, business, event, career, fortune and relationships profiles better. You will also get proper advise on which day and years you will be most lucky and when to make a career or relationship advance.

How is Bazi Analysis Done?

Also known as Bazi reading, this process is believed to provide accurate analysis of an individual without having to buy expensive products.

A detailed and thorough relationship study among these characters brings forth broad information regarding your potential relationships, career and future. By selecting and learning our free monthly feng shui articles, you will benefit from it.

The 5 Yin and the Yang of Elements:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Earth

The 12 Zodiac animals:

  • Rat
  • Horse
  • Dragon
  • Tiger
  • Pig
  • Monkey
  • Rooster
  • Dog
  • Ox
  • Goat
  • Rabbit
  • Snake.

A Bazi analysis can reveal so many things about you, like personality traits and many other factors that can boost both your personal and professional aspect. Its very effective and affordable to all. 

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