Business Feng Shui Consultation

Whether you are just starting a new business venture, or want to become more successful, Feng Shui consultation for business will be very helpful for you. Regardless of the type of industry you are in, you need to know everything there is to be in harmony with the surrounding positive energy to help boost success. Feng Shui consultation for office and business can provide you with the proper guidance on how to attract more money, make more sales, attract more customers, better work relationship and be a magnet of positive energy

Creating a right, thriving environment for your business has a great potential of boosting performance and results. Many successful companies use Feng Shui for optimising their business and organisations and for aligning their brands with the working environment in order to create more success and bring financial rewards. Businesses spend millions of dollars annually in business Feng Shui for building a strong foundation and for effectiveness, stability, and prosperity in business.

The impressive list of corporate organisations that have regularly sought Feng Shui consultants’ services includes, Hiscox Insurance, Orange, Coca Cola, British Airways, Hilton Hotels, the NHS, and Marriott Hotels. As business leaders recognise the benefits of transforming the workplace and Feng Shui, more and more businesses are getting added to the list.

Benefits of practising classical Feng Shui

Using Feng Shui in business can bring a large number of benefits that include:

  • Reduction in workload and absenteeism
  • Staff retention
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • A comfortable and stress-free working environment
  • A positive and balanced working environment for stable and efficient growth
  • Increased productivity and improved workflow
  • Improved teamwork quality and interaction between staff
  • Better communication and increased creativity
  • Enhanced decision-making skills and innovation
  • An influx of greater business opportunities

When to look for Feng Shui services for business:

Feng Shui for business can be sought any time you want but the best results are seen when you are:

  • Starting up a new business
  • Planning a renovation of the business property
  • Planning rearranging or reorganising your business
  • Looking out for opportunities for expanding and growing your business

When you book Feng Shui consultation for your business, it would include:

A complete Feng Shui audit of a commercial property by Feng Shui master Adrain Lo comprises of the following:

  • A thorough assessment of the needs and issues of the client
  • A review of the history of the property
  • A detailed Feng Shui assessment of the workspace and property interior comprising of
  • The workstation positioning in accordance with the astrology of Feng Shui
  • All major areas such as passages, windows, doors etc.
  • Electromagnetic pollution and dirty electricity in the workspace
  • Discussion on findings of the assessment and presenting solutions and implementation plan
  • Advise on overall layout plans and suggestions related to the corrections to the property if needed
  • Analysis of the birth data of the client and construction of natal chart if needed
  • Providing recommendations for favourable locations and directions
  • Recommending favourable times and dates to undertake
  • A review of the plan after making all the required changes
  • Summary report of the entire audit carried out
  • Follow up and consultation during the implementation of the recommended plan/improvements/changes via email/telephone
  • After completing the required adjustments or after moving-in, a free overall review is provided within 3 months
  • A comprehensive report of the findings
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