Feng Shui Bedroom

Many couples put utmost importance on following good feng shui bedroom tips to enhance their relationship. This is becoming increasingly popular, actually. Why so? The bedroom is the private space of you and your partner, the very place where you nurture your love and romance. So, how can you improve the feng shui of your bedroom?

Feng Shui Bedroom Improvement Tips

Fresh Air

One of the important elements of good feng shui is clean and fresh air. Make it a point to open your windows as often as you can. You can also install quality air purifiers along with essential oils. Plants, however, are not good for bedrooms. Most experts would claim that this is bad feng shui.


Invest in good lighting since this will be essential in setting the mood you want to create. You can make use of dimmer switch for convenient adjustment of lighting level. Bear in mind, just like quality air, quality lighting is also very important for good feng shui bedroom. It is, in fact, known to be the source of strongest energy manifestation. Another good alternative for bedroom lighting is candles; they are also great if you want to create a sexy mood.

Electronics and Equipment 

Put electronic equipment, like television and computer, outside the bedroom. These items are known to destroy good feng shui in the bedroom. Same thing applies for exercise equipment.

Room Colors

Skin colors are highly recommended colors for the bedroom. These may be from pale white hues to rich and dark brown shades. Choose within these ranges of colors. However, make sure that it will also complement with your bedroom cures and decor.

Pictures and Images

Images are known to carry forth power energy in feng shui. Therefore, be wise in choosing the images for your bedroom. According to feng shui masters, it is advisable to put pictures that you also want to happen in your life. Avoid depressing images. Instead, go for lively bedroom art that bring forth excitement and a sense of well-being in you.


The bed is the most important aspect of your bedroom. Listed below are guidelines that you can follow for basic bed feng shui:

  • It must not be directly in-line with your bedroom door.

  • It must be easily accessible from each side.
  • It must have bedside tables, one for every side.

  • If you want the best feng shui for your bedroom, invest in a quality bed. Having a well-balanced bed, with solid headboard, comfortable mattresses and quality sheets will definitely help create a harmonious and pleasant energy.

  • Remember to always keep all doors in the bedroom closed during night time before you go to sleep. This includes closets and bathroom doors. This will enable a nourishing energy flow, beneficial for personal well-being and healthy relationship. It is also important to keep your bedroom clutter-free, including the closets.

Keeping everything constantly in order will further enhance a feeling of calm and peace in the bedroom. One thing you need to remember as a couple, always love and respect each other. This is, by far, the best way to create good feng shui bedroom.  

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