Feng Shui Colors 

Just like the 5 feng shui elements, color scheme also plays a very important role because each one represents the energy of the elements.

Applying the right color has the power to boost the positive energy of a room.

Listed below are different feng shui colors and what they represent:  

  • Self Development: black, blue and green

  • Love: white, pink and red

  • Wealth: red, purple, blue and green

  • Creativity: pastel colors and white

  • Health: earth hues, blue, yellow and green

  • Fame: red

Bagua(八卦) is a type of eastern compass used in feng shui to identify what type of items are suitable for a particular room. When talking about feng shui design, placement is a very important factor. If you want a boost of good life energy to your home, always make it a point to incorporate feng shui for home decoration and design.  

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