Feng Shui for House Selection

Are you planning to purchase a new house or move to a new home? We offer Feng Shui for house selection services in Singapore. Being one of the best, if not the best, in the industry, we guarantee to provide you with the best feng shui analysis and advice at a very competitive price. We don’t rely on selling you very expensive charms and decors to improve good Chi in homes. The well-being and success of our clients is our primary concern. With the help of our feng shui masters, you can be rest assured that you will attract positive energy in your environment without having to break the bank!

Good feng shui is believed to influence wealth and health. Feng shui involves proper balancing of good and bad elements called Yin & Yang. According to ancient Chinese philosophy, the way you position and arrange things can greatly affect energy flow. Your environment has the power to influence your life, and whatever energy exists in your surroundings is known to affect your prosperity, happiness, relationships and other aspects of your life. This being said, it is very important to choose your home carefully.

Importance of Feng Shui for House Selection

When planning to buy a new home or property, there are two essential factors that you need to consider. First is the tangible factor, like the area’s condition, price, size and location. Second factor is the intangible factor which includes the street location of the house, how it is situated in a particular area, the way it complements to its neighbouring houses or buildings, history of previous occupants, the status of the house from inside and many more. Listed below are other factors to consider for good feng shui houses:

Purchase a new house if you can afford it, as opposed to pre-owned homes. Why is this better? New homes are the best choice for good feng shui because they don’t have history, thus making them the optimum choice for good feng shui properties. Still, if you wish to look into pre-owned homes, make sure to look into the history of its previous occupants. If they are successful and happy, then you’re definitely purchasing into a house with positive energy and good feng shui.

Avoid homes that have been put up on sale because of divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure and other similar issues. Buying houses like this could mean you are also buying the problems. Other than this, the house itself might also be main problem.

Feng Shui Tips For House

Front Door

Make sure that the front door isn’t aligned with the house’s back door. Why so? Aligned front and back doors creates wind tunnel feng shui. This represents immediate loss of money as soon as you get hold of it. However, this can be easily remedied. You can arrange furniture to act as buffer or block between the two doors.

Ceiling Beams

Sleeping or working under exposed ceiling beams are not advisable because they trigger health problems and cut energy flow. Though this won’t exactly bring illness, but they are believed to trigger life issues that have been dormant for a while. A good remedy would be to rearrange house furniture or drape fabric over exposed beams to avoid sleeping or working directly under.


As much as possible, a staircase must not directly face the front door of the house. Just like a direct alignment of the back and front door creates wind tunnel, this is also the same with the staircase facing the front door. It can result to immediate loss of money as soon as you get them. You can remedy the situation by putting plants at the stair’s base. Another option is to screen or put something to bock the stair’s view from the front door.


A house with back yard or front yard that slopes away down from the house does not bring good feng shui. This can cause loss of money. As a remedy, add a fence, create landscaping or build up soil to create protection or wall around your property. Make sure that the wall is at least waist level.

Power Lines

Power lines are known to hold incredible amounts of energy. If not properly controlled, it can affect a person’s health. Watch out for power lines that cross the yard. This can be remedied, though. If there is a transformer box or power pole near the property, use rocks, stones, brick and other similar earth elements to serve as block between the house and the pole. For windows that provide direct access to the power line, use crystal and hang it in the window. Crystal is an earth element that will protect you by absorbing unwanted energy.

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