Feng Shui Master Review & Testimonials - Master Adrain Lo

Feng Shui for Home and Career - Testimonial

Two years ago was what I considered the lowest point of my life. I have been jobless for a long time. Despite my efforts, it was hard for me to land a job. One time, I was talking to my sister-in-law about my situation. That’s when she brought up Master Adrian and recommended that I arrange a meeting with him. Though somewhat hesitant, I still followed her advice. Surprisingly, I like him a lot! He introduced me to Feng Shui and did some readings on my life. I felt hopeful after talking to him. I followed all his Feng Shui recommendations and tips.

Now, here comes the big surprise. Two months after our first meeting, I got a job, a great job actually! The benefits were amazing. I even got a chance to travel to New York for training. It was such an amazing experience. Now, I’m enjoying my job a lot, it’s very rewarding! Thank you, Master Adrian!

Tony Soon from Tampiness, IT Manager

Feng Shui Bazi Analysis - Testimonial

Master Adrian is a very patient, understanding and is definitely a good listener. He took the time to really listen and understand my problems and shortcomings.

Through meaningful consultations with him, he has helped me solve my family problems, especially in terms of improving my  relationship with my husband after doing some adjustments to certain points in my house to facilitate the way of life in my household. He provides personalized door to door feng shui service.

I greatly appreciate his help in solving my family problems. Will surely recommend his services to my friends and relatives.

Yiling from Bedok, Homemaker

Feng Shui Audit for New House - Testimonial

Had consulted Master Adrian for my new house audit. He is very thorough and spent long hours going around my house and explaining to me during the consultation. After we moved into our new house for 6 months, believed it or not, I clinched a big business deal. He is now my trusted man.

Alice Wee (Feb 2019), Cathering Business Owner

Feng Shui for New Property- Testimonial

Through my aunt recommendation, I engaged Master Adrain to feng shui my new house before renovation. His price is reasonable and service is good. He even came two times to audit my house. I was given a feng shui audit 20 pages report Booklet of my property feng shui findings, cures and remedies. Master Adrain came One time before and one time after my renovation to make sure all the feng shui findings are remedied.

The full analysis was explained to me and my husband on the same day on how he can use Feng Shui to change our luck and minimize the "Sha Qi" found in my house. He offered recommendations for remedying and minimizing the potential health and wealth problem. I brought a few feng shui items which cost me only less than a hundred dollar. The report also includes:

  • Auspicious dates for renovation, moving-in and Feng Shui implementations
  • Advice on colour scheme and furniture layout
  • Water Position
  • Three Wealth Positions
  • Wen Chang Position
  • The Evil Position)
  • Secondary Wealth Position or so called the Boss position
  • Stove position
  • My Feng Shui Annual Star 2017/ 2018

Overall, I find Master Adrain services are good and valued for money. My unit number came out 2nd price in 4-D one week before my family moved in. I called him and gave him a big "Ang Bao". He asked me to write a testimonial for him. Will sure recommend his service to my friend and relative. Well done Master Adrain.

Jenny Ang from Woodlands, Accountant

Feng Shui for Business- Testimonial

I was referred by my relative to engaged Master Adrian Lo for my office consultation. My business had hit a bit of a bad patch in 2016. If things did not pick up soon, I might have to close my company.

I am fortunate to seek Master Lo’s consultation in time to rectify my problems before it gets worst. Master Lo is very thorough, personable and astute with handing our needs. He had provided valuable guidance and remedy solutions to help me through my crises. After seeking his advice, our company sales has improved tremendously. It has been 3 years and I still go back to Master Lo for Annual FS advice. Thank You Master Lo!

Kieth Tan, Logistic Company

Feng Shui for New Property- Testimonial

“I was referred by my friend and decided to engage Adrian to advice on my new house 5 years ago. Every year we still go back to him for review as his results are proven. I will certainly look for Adrian again when I source for my second property.”

David Phua (Jul 2019), Entrepreneur

Bazi Consultation- Testimonial

“As an American, I am fascinated by Adrian accuracy with his work especially he was able to share with me my past through the Bazi analysis. Not only that he went on to explain my current and future situation and gave me advices on how to navigate my future. Impressive!”

James Smith (Apr 2019), General Manager, Beach Road

Feng Shui Advice - Testimonial

Hi Adrian, Allow me this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for all your help. Your guidance on what particular elements could enhance my health is really effective. I diligently followed all your Feng Shui advice, and now starting to notice the good effects it brought to my home.   

I am greatly satisfied with your services. You have been such an inspiration. Without a doubt, I will be recommending you to my family, friends, colleagues and Business partners who require Feng Shui consultation services.

More power to you. Please continue helping other people and improving their lives, as you have done to mine.


Eve Ng from Bishan Condo, Marketing Manager

Feng Shui for Home Testimonial

The first time I met Adrian Lo was way back 2010 when I sought his Feng Shui advice for my home design. He recommended auspicious items that could be very beneficial for my place. I noticed that after placing the items I purchased from him, things in our home started to flow smoothly and harmoniously. The items are really not expensive compared to the previous Master i engaged.

Now, things didn’t end there. My husband got a call two months later, a great job offer for a senior position. We were so ecstatic because of the generous salary increase that comes along with the offer! He went through 2 interviews…and was hired!

Adrian, allow me this chance to thank you for helping us improve our life.

Jessica Ng from Ang Mo Kio , Homemaker

Feng Shui for Career and Luck - Testimonial

I am now leading a more fulfilling life, thanks to Adrian Lo. What I can say about him:

· He is very approachable and comfortable to talk to. As a matter of fact, he has this unique charm that makes it easy to open up and share your problems.

· Very knowledgeable about Feng Shui and Geomancy. Truly, an expert!

· Takes very good care of his clients. He makes it a point to give personal attention to every concerns brought to him.

· Accommodating and understanding to the needs of his clients.

· Passionate and dedicated.

· Honest, direct and delivers reliable information.

True to his word, just by following his recommendation, I am starting to experience a positive change in my personal life and career. Thank you, Adrian!

Katrina Lim from Jurong West, Banking

Feng Shui for Office- Testimonial

I am an existing customer of Master Lo for many years. All these years my business has been smooth sailing with the yearly advice and guidance from him. He is passionate, sincere and patient with his dedication. I feel at home when I work with him.

Mr Soh, Catering Company

Feng Shui for Business & House- Testimonial

Master Adrain Lo is approachable, humble and knowledgeable in the services they provide. What I find most enjoyable is their personal, down-to-earth approach. So far, they are the only Feng Shui Advisory Team that I have consulted with where it has helped my business and my family members to see improvement in our lifestyle and well-being among the many Feng Shui Master that I had consulted before. All my business and family issues are being addressed after we had seek Master Lo’s advice. I really appreciate Master Adrian Lo’s efforts in transforming our lifestyle for the betterment. I will certainly recommend Adrain to my circle of friends. You will not be disappointed with the extra mile service and value render by them.

Dr Lim, Bukit Timah , Business Owner

Feng Shui to improve family relationship - Testimonial

I am always worried about how to provide steady financial support for my daughter, her studies to be exact among other expenses. Raising a child on my own is not easy, though it also has its rewards. I met Adrian Lo through a common acquaintance. After listening to his talks about how the famous Feng Shui Master Singapore could change someone’s life, I immediately decided to give his services a try.

He made me realize different aspects in my life that I need to improve on. His recommendations also helped me deal with my weaknesses. True to his word, by following his advice, I was rewarded with numerous benefits, like my daughter who starting to excel in her studies. As a matter of fact, she began participating in school activities and contests, getting awards as well!

I highly recommend, Master Adrian Lo.

My sincerest gratitude,

Christine Lee from Bukit Timah, Housewife

Bazi Analysis - Testimonial

I was so worried about which polytechnic and course my eldest daughter should opt for after her O-levels as there are so many options available. I'm so afraid of choosing the wrong course for my daughter, as I'm afraid she'll lose interest in the course she ends up in. I don't want her grades to suffer as a result of a wrong choice of course at the beginning. What will be of her career if she does badly in polytechnic?

Recommended by my brother in law, I consulted Bazi master Adrain Lo for his advice on this matter. After studying my daughter's Bazi, Adrian told us that my daughter's element is compatible with courses such as Accounting. My daughter heeded his advice and took up Accountancy as her choice of course in one of the polytechnics in Singapore after her O-levels.

This year, my daughter has graduated with a high GPA of 4.0, and has received bursary awards over the few years in the course. She will now be furthering her studies by getting her degree in Business (Accounting) in one of the local universities. We are very grateful and would like to convey our deepest thanks to Master Adrian Lo for his useful advice back then.


Melvin Ong, Business Owner

Bukit Timah

Home Feng Shui - Testimonial

My fiance and I learned about Adrian Lo because he was recommended by our friend, Jeff. One time, over dinner, Jeff was enthusiastically sharing about the success his business is experiencing now since he started consulting his Office Feng shui with Adrian. At first, we were doubtful about his story. However, Jeff convinced us about the impact of Feng Shui on many things, with the help of Adrian Lo of course. My fiance was the one who told me to just give it a shot, considering that there were, indeed, great results experienced by our friend.

We requested for Adrian to assess our house. What I admire most about him is his patience in answering all our questions. He was never arrogant, unlike other Feng Shui masters. His customer service is superb…5 stars! Even after we’ve settled our payments with him, he still makes it a point to call us for updates. He’s such a wonderful person!

Now, I'm blessed with a happy family. We thank our lucky stars for bringing Master Adrian to our lives.

Tony & Cassie Feng Shui Testimonial 2018

Thank you so much, Adrian!


Tony and Cassie from Faber Heights Condo

Feng Shui for Condo - Testimonial

Master Adrian Lo is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Their customer service is phenomenal. They really do go above and beyond and they are approachable and compassionate to customer’s needs. What we like about Master Lo is he does not force sell and always put customer’s interest at heart that made us feel very comfortable with him.

Mr and Mrs Chong, Inz Residenc

Home Feng Shui Service - Testimonial

I have learned a lot of things ever since I started to seek my Home Feng Shui consultation from Adrian. He is an intelligent person with such unique abilities that inspire people. Adrian has helped me solve the challenges I faced with my personal and home life. Ever since I met him, my finances became more secure. My wife, on the other hand, who enjoys playing mahjong (without so much luck in winning), already started winning streaks in a row.

For me, I consider Adrian a gift from the heavens. He has guided me, both personally and financially. I couldn’t thank him enough for his wise advice.

Thank you very much, Adrian, for being my mentor, friend and source of enlightenment.

James Chong from Woodlands, Production Manager

Feng Shui for Selecting Auspicious Date - Testimonial

Our first transaction with Adrian Lo was when we needed his Feng Shui Service to help us find an auspicious wedding date. Since it was our first time seeking Feng Shui consultation, my fiancee and I were a bit anxious about meeting Master Adrian. He is, by far, one of the kindest and most accommodating persons we have ever met. In no time at all, we were talking to him like an old friend. His advises are wise and practical.

In no time, we also brought him to the home we are eyeing on, which is a wise move on our part. Turned out, the place has a lot of bad Feng Shui attached to it, what with the previous owner selling it due to business bankruptcy. We had a second choice for a prospect home, though, a place he approved of. Thanks to him, we made a wise choice.

Adrianna from Jalan Besar, Senior Executive (Linkage), Social Development Service

Feng Shui for House and Baby Name - Testimonial

Dear Master Adrian,

My husband and I would like to send our warmest gratitude for all you have done for us. Your guidance on how to apply proper Feng Shui for our house, especially our bedroom, did wonders to our marriage life! You have been such a blessing to us, we couldn’t thank you enough. We now enjoy a more loving relationship.. Our colleagues also noticed the change in us. We are expecting our first baby, and you will surely play a part in helping us find a lucky name for our baby. But for now, allow us to say “Thank You”, from the bottom of our hearts!

Peter and Monina from Orchard Rd, Banker

Feng Shui for Business - Testimonial

I’ve been in the retail industry for 5 years already. Though my company is doing fairly well, I feel that something seems to be lacking. I thought I needed to do something to improve things. While surfing online, I chanced upon an article about Business Feng Shui. I did a more in-depth research about it and found Adrian Lo’s website in one of my searches. I gave him a call and scheduled an appointment. He’s such a great guy, quite humble and very sincere. He gave me tips on what Feng Shui elements can boost my business among other things. I could honestly say that there are positive changes, even to date! Now, I regularly seek his advice on different business aspects, and my personal life as well. Thank you, Adrian!

Alian from Jurong, Business Owner

Feng Shui for Restaurant Business - Testimonial

My mother started applying Feng Shui in her home just last month. A colleague introduced her to Adrian Lo. He made a great first impression with her, it was instant! What followed was a series of consultation, first for her home, then her business. My mom owns a restaurant, by the way. I could honestly say that I, myself, can sense an improvement in my mom’s place and business. I have Adrian to thank for that!

Afterwards, I decided to also seek Feng Shui consultation with Adrian, and I’m just as impressed like my mom! Not only do I feel healthier now, but I’m also enjoying the improved ambiance in my home. Good vibes indeed!

Sonya Ng from Bedok North, IT Manager

Feng Shui for buying Property - Testimonial

I have already heard about Feng Shui on TV and how celebrities got hooked up to it. But I never really applied it to my personal life. My best friend introduced me to it. She has been a regular client of Master Adrian Lo. Way back 2016, I decided to buy an apartment. That’s when Tracy, my friend, advised me to try and seek Feng Shui consultation before transferring. I personally like the vibes in her place, and how everything seems to be so calm and relaxing. That’s why I decided to give her idea a try. Turned out, it’s the best decision of my life! Adrian changed my outlook in life in more ways than you can imagine!

Amanda Skye from Steven Rd, Director of IT company

Feng Shui for Private Property- Testimonial

I have engaged Master Adrian for my three properties. Before I brought my third property which is a resale condo at Jurong, I consulted Master Adrain to do an audit of my new private property feng shui . He advised me that the unit that I was looking for is very good for my career and wealth but need more feng shui items to improve on the health of the family. As I really like the Condo unit and brought it at the end after Master given me the green light.

After I moved in, Master Adrain help me to place the feng shui items which cost me about $800 as i have requested him to help me improve the wealth, Career, relationship and health of my family to the Maximum. Indeed, after i moved in for 2 months, my business have improved a lot as I received many business deals. The relationship with my wife also improved. I'm not sure if it the feng shui that helped improved my luck but I think it is money well and must spend. At least I have a peace of mind when living in there. I will definitely recommend Master Adrain to my business friends. Thank you.

Richmond Family

Richmond from Summerdale, Jurong West, Entrepreneur

Bazi Consultation- Testimonial

“Master Adrian has been very patient to clarify my queries during the Bazi consultation. His analysis of my past life was spot-on. He has provided me with a comprehensive revelation of my Bazi chart. He has highlighted me to know better on my strengths & weakness and now I am able to understand myself better. Will definitely recommend this good Bazi master in Singapore to my friends and relatives”.

Wen Wei (Jun 2019), Pasir Ris

Bazi Consultation- Testimonial

“The Bazi Consultation is very informative and detailed. Adrian is very professional and patient when going through the analysis. He is very attentive and answers all questions leaving me without a doubt”.

Renee Tan (Jun 2019), Managing Director, Woodlands

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