Feng Shui Tips For Study Room

What are the Feng Shui tips for children study room? It is said that most important inheritance that a parent can give to a child is a good education. For most parents, it is easy to send that children to a good school but often forget that is not enough, the room they study in must be conducive for learning. The Feng Shui study desk direction is equally important. Feng Shui has been practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years and can apply to a study rood to help you or your child to read and understand the material in question.

Children are endowed with much energy that can be focused and enhanced to help the improved their results in school. 

Here are some tips that can improve your child's study room so as to enhance excellent academic performance.

Make the Room Clutter Free

A well organized and arranged study room helps your child to focus their energy on the study material. The Chinese believe that if a study room is disorganised, the child's mind is as disorganised as the room and can therefore not able to decipher the school material. All items that are not necessary for studying should be away for study as they are considered as clutter.

Clear the Clutter in your Mind

It is not enough to clear the clutter in the study room; the clutter in the mind must also be cleared. Your mind needs to be as organized, if not better, than the study room. You can do this by planning what to study for a certain week then simplify this to days and hours. This way, your mind will always be prepared for what to study and that is good for positive energy.

Come up with a list of what you want to achieve not only at school but also during your study time. Place this list on your study table so that you can see it anytime you look up. Looking at this list will inspire as well as focus your energy to the study materials especially in times when you are down.

Face the East  

The ancient Chinese believed that the East direction not only has positive energy but can also help your child focus their energy. Any other direction makes the child restless and therefore can hardly focus their energy to study for long periods. If the East direction is not conducive, feng shui experts encourage you to face the North while studying.

Feng Shui Experts encourage you to let your child's study table to face the South, West or Northeast. However, the South and West are the most appropriate; in addition, the study table needs to be on the left side. To protect negative energy from entering the room, place a cactus or bamboo plant near the window. 

As a rule, your child's face should always face the door to benefit from the positive energy flowing from outside; the child's back must not face the door no matter what. Ensure that the room and the study table is square or rectangular; in addition, a photo of flowing water behind the child's backs gives a sense of increased positive energy.

Good Lighting

While studying during the day, ensure that the window curtains are opened so as to be benefit from the positive energy supplied by the sun. At night, ensure that the room is well lit. However, you need to avoid spotlight as it is believed to scatter the positive rays of energy in your mind. Spotlight also causes mental exhaustion and tiredness. Feng Shui experts encourage you choose light that emits shades that represent the earth and fire such as blue, green and white.

Keep of Electronics

Principles of feng shui demand that you need to keep of electronics as the produce electromagnetic waves that make it difficult to focus. If electronics have to be in the room, they need to be placed away from the head while studying and sleeping. Science has even shown that dim light from television is associated with stress and increased tendency to forget. Waves from electronics are associated with brain tumours as well as other types of cancers.

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