Home Feng Shui Consultation

As author Jewel Star has put it, “Our home is our castle, our sanctuary, our haven of safety. It is where we can just be, create, and enjoy the pleasures of life.

No doubt, our home is a place where we recharge ourselves and feel at peace. It is a safe space where we usually spend most of our time. Therefore, any positive changes we can make in our homes will reflect in the form of positive changes in our health and our mood leading to an optimal environment of happiness. This is where Feng Shui fits in.  

Feng Shui is a very useful art and science that helps people thrive in different environments. It involves studying the flow and movement of energy within a space, and purposefully guiding it to offer the greatest benefit to the occupants. It helps in creating a warm, healthy, supportive, balanced, and interesting home for you.

Possible benefits from practising classical Home Feng Shui:

Feng Shui can be great for helping you optimise your home to bring an endless number of benefits.

Some of these benefits may include:

  • Improvement in both physical and mental health
  • Improved relations among family members and easing of family conflicts
  • Reduced insomnia and stress
  • Enhanced personal power
  • Increased concentration
  • Increased prosperity, abundance, and joy
  • Bringing balance to your space and life

When to look for Feng Shui services:

Although the benefits of Feng Shui are wide ranging, the maximum advantages of it can be obtained when you are:

  • Thinking to buy a new house
  • Planning some renovation to your home
  • Going through a bad or difficult phase of your life and look for remedial solutions

When you book Feng Shui consultation for your home, it would include:

  • A detailed tour of your house and a thorough professional Feng Shui site survey.
  • Recognising and utilising even those points where the smallest adjustments can make the most beneficial difference to your home.
  • Assessment of the needs and issues of the client.
  • A review of the history of the property.
  • Feng Shui assessment of the space, including all aspects of Feng Shui such as Bagua, colours, placement, orientations, symbols, images, layouts etc.
  • Advise on the overall layout plans of the house by Feng Shui Master Adrain Lo.
  • A thorough analysis of the birth data of the client and natal chart construction.
  • Analysis of the interior of the space for which the consultation is sought.
  • Recommendations of required changes to space.
  • Recommendations regarding the times and dates that are favourable to consider .
  • Recommendations related to locations and directions that are favourable for the client .
  • Full support during the implementation of the recommended plan/improvements/changes via email/telephone .
  • Review of plans after making the required changes .
  • Summarised report of the complete audit .
  • After completing the required adjustments or after moving-in to your home, a free overall review is provided within 3 months .
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