I Ching Analysis (易经)

I Ching Analysis follows the teachings of ancient Chinese writings on wisdom and how to improve life to boost your luck.

This comes from the writings of the I-Ching, also known as Book of Changes or Yijing, originating in China thousands of years a go. You may wonder what made the I Ching so popular. Listed below are benefits that you can obtain after a analyzing your I Ching.

Awareness on how to act in harmony with different laws of life.

Life has certain laws that stay the same even with the passing of time. These refer to the different challenges that human beings encounter, which remain similar regardless of culture or period. With an I Ching Analysis, you will be reminded about certain principles in life to help you live in peace and harmony, avoiding or minimizing the existence of problems in the process..

Understanding of how actions can result to certain consequences.

Whatever you do, there are always consequences from your actions. The consequences may be beneficial or disastrous to you. It all depends on what you did. Furthermore, your actions may also have a direct effect on other people you interact with, and the ripple-effect goes on and on. With the help of the Yijing, you will become more aware of the consequences of whatever you will do, and its possible effect on others, allowing you to think twice before acting out. As such, you will be able to adjust your actions accordingly for the possibility of obtaining the result you want.

Knowing how to deal with tough decisions and changes.

With the help of the I Ching, you can somehow foresee the outcome of different events in your life. This will also help you deal with various changes that may come along the way. With a proper I Ching Analysis, you will find it easier to follow practical applications that will help you make tough decisions in life and know how to confidently deal with them.

Knowing how to be in harmony with time and presented circumstances.

In life, timing is crucial. If you know how to act harmoniously with the circumstances and time presented, you will more likely get better outcome for a minimal effort. However, if you fight against them, you may just end up putting too much effort only to end up with disappointing results. In order to be successful, you should learn when to act and when to wait for the right time. This is where the I Ching comes very handy. It can guide you accordingly as to how to recognize times and how to take advantage of circumstances to achieve success.

There are many ways to improve your life and the circumstances that come with it. Feng shui, for one, can serve as your guide on how to live a better life and attract good energy. This same thing applies with a through I Ching Analysis, especially when done by a feng shui master, can definitely give you better insight about your life, your past and what the future may hold for you. 

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