Eight Mansions Feng Shui Methods (八宅风水)

The Eight Mansions Feng Shui Methods is another aspect of feng shui which uses a luck map to identify favourable and unfavourable directions of an individual’s personal life. A regular compass can be used to identify an area’s magnetic north, along with other directions.

Eight Mansions of Feng Shui, also called ba zhai (八宅风水), explains how every person is influenced by the eight directions of the compass. Four of these directions are identified as lucky or auspicious, the other four are bad luck or inauspicious.

This is identified using the spot where your building or house sits along with your own kua number. The eight directions of the compass are North, South, East, West, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast.

Once your lucky and unlucky directions are identified, the data is utilized to determine which direction is best for activities, like working, eating, sleeping, exercising and many others. 

House Feng Shui – Auspicious Locations and Inauspicious Locations

Listed below are names of four different house locations known to bring forth good luck:

  • Breath of life, also referred to as Sheng Chi, a very lucky or auspicious direction since the energy in the area draws respect, vitality, prosperity and good reputation.

  • Heavenly doctor, also referred to as Ten Yi, known to draw energy vital for good health and well-being.

  • Harmony, also referred to as Fu Wai, believed to draw overall peace and stability in life.

  • Relationships and permanence, also referred to as Yan Nian, promotes healthy relationships and self-sufficiency.  

Listed below are names of four different house locations known to bring forth bad luck:

  • Five ghosts, also called Wu Kwei, is the type of energy that results to loss of income and employment. This also leads to other losses, like fire or theft, and arguments as well.

  • Mishaps and obstacles, also called Ho Hai, is the least destructive among all inauspicious directions. This negative energy results to constant fatigue, frustration and insecurity among many other difficulties.

  • Disaster, also called Chueh Mingi, is the most harmful and most dangerous among all negative energies. This usually results to suicide, severe depression and accidents, also leading to poor productivity and finances.

  • Six killings, also called Lua Sha, comprised of bad energies that result to illness. Various legal problems are also associated with it, also leading to scandals and lost opportunities. 

You need to understand and determine the appropriate directions that complement your luck in order to boost your quality of life. Doing so will also help you steer clear from negative directions that may cause negative effects. Know that there are different energies found in different directions. Since each person is unique, specific energies have different effects on every individual.

Both directions, auspicious and inauspicious, take their basis from a person’s Kua number. Kua or gua is an individual’s personal number obtained from his year of birth. With all the benefits that the Eight Mansions Feng Shui methods can give, you can use this to your advantage to improve your life and your luck as well. Contact our Feng Shui Master now to guide you to good luck map.

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